About us

We are a new kind of Multi-Client Seismic Company

Seismic Partner is a multi-client seismic company focusing on targeted seismic acquisition, providing oil companies with the highest quality data over their production, development and exploration assets. 

Seismic Partner has developed LumiSeisTM , a true hybrid concept for seismic acquisition, addressing the potential shortfalls seen in the individual data sets.

By optimizing Ultra HD3D streamer acquisition with State of the art Ocean Bottom Nodes in a coordinated cost-effective operation, LumiSeisTM will address all acquisition, processing and interpretation challenges from seabed to reservoir.

Seismic Partner is working with high-end project partners and suppliers within the seismic streamer and ocean bottom seismic nodes domains to plan and execute high-end True Hybrid seismic projects. Each survey is tailor made according to the individual clients requirements.